4 years at the address: rua Aurora 858

Rua Aurora, 858 – 1st. floor
The apartment that 4 years ago began to welcome our projects, involving more than 176 artists and 44 collaborators and also housed other countless projects that needed a place to happen.

We have created networks, partnerships, a cinema club and delivered these keys in the hands of many people so they too could build that point with us.
This year we decided to return the keys to the real estate. We thank everyone who has lived with us on this space. Being in the city center and on Aurora Street brought us what is most valuable to us: multiplicity.

We continue in search of new points, spreading, expanding and again trying out forms of action that will always be shared here and at puntoaurora.com

See you!

Bel Falleiros, Claudia Afonso, Diogo Lucato, Francesco Di Tillo, Gab Gutierrez and Laura Daviña.