About us

  • Bel Falleiros
  • Claudia Afonso
  • Diogo Lucato
  • Flora Himmelstein Moreira Leite
  • Francesco Di Tillo
  • Gabriel Gutierrez
  • Laura Daviña
  • .Aurora is an autonomous art-space created and managed by 5 artists (Bel Falleiros, Diogo Lucato, Francesco Di Tillo, Gabriel Gutierrez and Laura Davina), an architect (Claudia Afonso) and a producer (Flora Leite). From 2013 to 2016 it was situated in an office building in São Paulo’s city center that worked as a studio for these artists and as an exhibition space. Now it has spreaded its projects to multiple spaces and practices.

    Much as the force of gravity – impossible to see, yet uniting the galaxies – the pregnant power of dialogue and interaction in the studio constitutes the identity, or dark matter, of . Aurora.

    This process of exchange resignifies the space beyond the expository. The experimentation can take place on various levels: in the work of each artist, in expositions, in publications and the way through which the space sustains itself. In connection with other collaborators and other “points” in space, . Aurora proposes to open a new place for frontiers of expression, a starting point

    . for studiossobre
    . for encounters
    . for ideas
    . for ideals
    . for exchanges
    . for liberty and freedom of through
    . for experimentation
    . for reflection
    . for production
    . for interchange
    . for sales
    . for possibilities
    . for cohabitation
    . for invites
    and never, final points

    Contact us for further information: info@pontoaurora.com