Art and feminism against authoritarianism

May 28th (from 11am to 6pm) at Aurora will be a day to discuss political alternatives and affective connections in difficult times, focusing on art and feminisms as resistance. The program includes three debates tables and the launches of Jornal de Borda 3 and Ensaio 6, a translation to portuguese of the essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” by American art historian Linda Nochlin.

The event is organised by Edições Aurora / Publication Studio SP and Tenda de Livros, with the support of Queer City ( and Musagetes) and Jornal de Borda.
And will have the participation of activists, feminists, researchers, artists and publishers.



Many artists, producers, cultural workers, intellectuals, students and defendants of democracy have occupied the Cultural Complex MinC-Funarte in an action of civil disobedience against the parliamentary, judicial and mediatic putsch that has taken place in Brazil. The University of Campinas – Unicamp’s rectory was also occupied and high school students are fighting for the right to education. Among the claims of those who resist is the return of the democratically elected president.

Brazil’s first woman president was deprived of her post at the National Women’s Conference, in which was pointed out the need for creation of a National System Policies for Women.


11am-1pm / Action 1: Activism, sexual rights and feminism
Rita Quadros / lesbian feminist activist
Jackeline Romio / feminist activist
Cadu Oliveira / LGBT activist
Mediation: Fernanda Grigolin / Jornal de Borda | Tenda de Livros

1-3pm / Lunch break

3-5pm / Action 2: Feminist art and dictatorship: 1964 and the year 2016
Fabrícia Jordão / researcher on art and dictatorship and collective processes in art
Talita Trizoli / researcher on art and feminism
Mediation: Julia Ayerbe / Edições Aurora | Publication Studio São Paulo

5-6pm / Action 3: Jornal de Borda 03 and Ensaio 6 – “Por que não houve grandes mulheres artistas?”, de Linda Nochlin
Fernanda Grigolin / Jornal de Borda | Tenda de Livros
Julia Ayerbe / Edições Aurora | Publication Studio São Paulo
Laura Daviña / Edições Aurora | Publication Studio São Paulo