Free gardens: a practical guide

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Free Gardens: A Practical Guide to Grow Food in Irregular Spaces arises from a process initiated back in March 2014, case during the first residency of the artist Jakub Szczesny (Centrala) within a housing movement in the center of São Paulo. Facilitated by in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Occupation São João, the residency culminated with the collective construction of a vertical garden inside the Occupation in the following year, counting on the support of Goethe-Institut and Casa das Caldeiras.

The will to make this material available in illustrated form with practical language is justified by the wider scope it gives to this process, as well as by the democratization of the acquired knowledge. It also shows that growing your own food is not simply a leisure activity for the higher classes.

no matter where you live,
you can still grow your own food.

Many hands and minds were necessary to build the garden at Occupation São João and to put together this guide, once again highlighting the importance of a collaborative work. Besides the aforementioned organizations, Cities without Hunger and Gastromotiva also made themselves crucial in developing the content.