Suitcase under the bed

As part of a serie of public events by Cidade KUIR ( + Musagetes), for sale with local and international guests, for September 9th at 18h, in partnership with .Aurora, we would like to invite you to take part of the workshop “Suitcase Under the Bed” by the artist Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba:


Suitcase Under the Bed

What are the items have you kept, cherished and cared for in relation to your own or someone else’s sexual and gender identity? Have some of these items never seen the light of day? What are the memories, feelings, emotions, secrets, gossip associated with these materials?

This one-off intimate and informal play-shop will encourage participants to share and give voice to their own personal archives. Feel free to bring along ephemera such as photographs, love letters, fetish objects, sex-toys, books, music, flyers/posters from events you have attended, items of clothing from loved ones, magazines, etc.

We are asking you to rummage through your boxes, private albums and come and share with each other your own lived history in stimulating, exciting and unusual ways.

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